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Website Launch


Hey everyone, and a big, warm welcome from Gather 2030 and KICLEI! It’s Maggie Braun here, excited to bring you some fabulous news. Our brand new website,, is now live!

As a growing network of Canadians, we're all about promoting sustainable development that resonates with our unique Canadian lifestyle. But here's the tea: we've noticed that some UN programs aren’t quite fitting the Canadian mold. They've been adopted without much local say, causing more than a few headaches.

We’re here to change that! By rallying our local councils and communities, we aim to swap the global agenda with a focus that’s closer to home.

Wondering how you can help? Super simple!

First, throw your support behind our mission by endorsing our recommendations at Your voice adds major weight to our national efforts!

Sharing our message? Piece of cake! You can:

Tune into our YouTube channel, KICLEI Canada

Spread our articles from Substack

Check out updates on the Gather 2030 Facebook page

Plus, we’ve got all the tools you need to get the word out locally. From posters and flyers to pamphlets, they’re all set for you to print and distribute.

Grab our KICLEI primer to dive deep into the UN directives and our strategy. We've got everything from town hall guides to trendy merch that’ll surely spark your neighbors' curiosity.

And guess what? This summer, KICLEI events are popping up all over, including in Peterborough, Ontario, the very heart of KICLEI.

Feeling inspired? Your contributions help us keep this momentum going strong. And for all you media savvy folks, our press kit is ready, and we’re open for interviews. Share the love, share the mission, and let’s make some waves together!

For more stories of hope and unity, follow the links and join us in shaping a future we all believe in. Together, we’re unstoppable.

Thank you for tuning in, and let’s make it a summer to remember with KICLEI!