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Community Engagement and Strategies

Insights from Our Latest Meeting

Community Engagement and Strategies: Insights from Our Latest Meeting

Welcome to our latest Substack update! Our recent meeting was a wealth of information, discussion, and resource sharing. Here's a detailed summary of what we covered, the key points discussed, and the valuable resources shared.

Delegation Updates

Our meeting kicked off with some updates and acknowledgments:

  • Debby Raabel reports of successful deputations and community engagements in Hinton, Alberta.

  • Additionally, Mark provided a link to Hinton's YouTube channel, which features relevant videos and updates: Hinton AB YouTube.

  • Updates on upcoming delegations in Pickering, Thorold, and Edmonton.

  • Encouragement for others to follow suit and engage with their local councils.

  • Discussion of the importance of attending council meetings and providing updates on local initiatives.

Key Discussion Points

1. KICLEI Website and New Resources

  • The Kiclei website is now live and functional at

  • Walkthrough of the Kiclei website, emphasizing the professional layout modeled after the ICLEI website.

2. Action Plan

  • Introduction to the action plan section, including a short video and various documents for community engagement.

  • Templates available for council presentations, town hall meetings, and detailed reports.

3. Action and Strategy

Building Relationships

We emphasized the importance of forming personal relationships with local council members:

  • Emphasis on local control and countering international programs.

  • The goal is to educate the community to engage effectively with local government and counter international influence.

  • Holding town halls and inviting community and city councilors.

  • Continuous engagement with community and council members to keep them informed and involved.

4. Sharing and Promoting KICLEI

We discussed the importance of spreading awareness about KICLEI through various channels:

5. Environmental Stewardship

  • Discussion on balancing environmental stewardship with the Canadian way of life.

  • Critical assessment of sustainable development goals and net-zero policies.

  • Presentation of an essay and report available on the website.

  • Examples from Edmonton on how much money is being spent on international programs versus local initiatives.

6. Local Initiatives

  • Emphasis on the importance of local programs and reducing reliance on international mandates.

  • Emphasis on the importance on local actions groups with local newsletters and replacing reliance on international lobbyist and legacy media.

7. Pickering Council Conduct Report

Gather 2030
The Pickering Council Controversy
The Pickering Council Controversy: Undermining Democracy, Public Feedback, and Engaging in Bullying Introduction The City of Pickering’s council has recently been thrust into the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. Controversies surrounding the conduct of its members, including the mayor, have brought to light issues that undermine democratic principles…
Read more

8. Pickering Bylaws to Restrict Public Participation

We delved into the new bylaw restrictions in Pickering:

  • Non-residents now need a two-thirds majority vote to speak on agenda items.

  • Residents are limited to speaking only on pre-listed agenda items.

  • Delegation time limits have been reduced from 10 minutes to 5 minutes.

  • Recording meetings is prohibited, and Q&A periods have been eliminated, significantly impacting public feedback and transparency.

6. Constitutional Appeal - participant contributions

  • Specific mention of constitutional challenges and interactions with local government.

  • Introduction to the constitutional appeal process against municipal restrictions on deputations.

  • Discussion on how municipalities' procedures may not meet constitutional requirements.

7. Questions and Answers

  • Interactive session addressing community members' questions on local government engagement and strategies.

  • Encouragement to use tools like chat GPT for research and report writing.

8. Upcoming Events

  • On May 28, 2024, we are hosting an unforgettable evening with Artur Pawlowski, Kristen Nagle and Maggie Hope Braun. They have all been actively involved in the freedom movement in Canada and this will be their first time on stage together in person. They will be sharing their incredible journey as political activists as part of our speaker series at 2736 Fernwood Road in Victoria. Doors open at 6:30pm and you are encouraged to reserve tickets in advance!

Upcoming town hall/workshop in Victoria, BC May 29, aiming to continue our community engagement and educational initiatives.

  • Plan of engagement at upcoming Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) Annual Conference and Trade Show, in Calgary, June 6-9, 2024

9. Future Plans

  • KICLEI Consultation Booking Page to go up on website.

  • Plans for a comprehensive social media campaign to endorse the Kiclei mission.

10. Final Thoughts

We wrapped up the meeting with gratitude and encouragement:

  • Appreciation for the efforts of Maggie and others in educating and mobilizing the community.

  • Upcoming town hall in Vancouver, aiming to continue our community engagement and educational initiatives.

Additional Resources and Links

Here’s a quick recap of all the links shared during the meeting for your reference:

  1. KICLEI Primer on Substack:

  2. KICLEI Primer PDF on Google Drive:

  3. KICLEI Primer PDF on Squarespace:

  4. Hinton AB YouTube Channel:

  5. Share The Mission:

  6. Introduction To KICLEI Video:

  7. New Guide PDF:

  8. Engage Community PDF:

  9. The Canadian Encyclopedia - Treason:

  10. Gather 2030 Substack - The Pickering Council Controversy:

  11. - The Pogg Primer:

  12. Action4Canada - 15-Minute Cities:

  13. Yellowhead Vote - Jason LaVigne:

  14. ChatGPT Canadian Civic Advisor:

We hope this summary helps you stay informed and engaged. Thank you for your continued support and participation. Let's keep working together towards a more informed and empowered community!

For more information, visit the Kiclei website and explore the resources and action plans available to help your community engage effectively with local government and counter international influences.

Best regards,

Maggie Braun

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